On these days I devote my time, my energy, my love and my BEING to those people whose paths guide them to meet me, seeking support in facing their problems. I do this to express my immense gratitude to the spiritual world for the good and loving guidance I am receiving, my gratitude towards the great creative power, my gratitude for being able to walk the sacred path of my heart.

All healing treatments performed on these days are free of charge.
(It is possible to give donations towards the expenses of room rent, traveling, etc.)

From 9.00am to 6.00pm there will be the opportunity to receive a shamanic treatment or purification. I kindly ask to acknowledge that it is not possible to perform elaborate individual ceremonies or intensive consultations. These days are dedicated towards transferring energy, purifying the energybody and strengthening the individual person.

Please register in advance! If there is a very big demand my closest students and assistants will join in and provide their experience and energy to create a great space of healing and peace.

Days of gratitude - healing days for free

April 22nd 2011
| Vorarlberg
May 03rd 2011
| Wien
June 15th 2011
| Kärnten
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