KRETA 2008

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Dear friends,

we would like to welcome you at this powerful and magic place. We are a shamanic group from the heart of Europe. We have been here the week before you arrived. The medicine wheel has been established by us to work with the ancients. We received a lot of support by the spirits during the work in this medicine wheel and lots of healing was made possible. Following a vision of our teacher Sonia Emilia RainbowWoman we would like to invite you to work with this medicine wheel. Therefore, we and especially Sonia Emilia RainbowWoman, think that this space, which we created together, would be a powerful platform to unite our medicine with yours. For us this provides a great opportunity to create a network of love, light and peace over the whole world. We wish you a magic and lightful time.

From heart to heart,

Silvia, Claudia, Silvia, Gregor, Paul, Manina, Daniela Elgard, Brigitta, Charlotte, Marlene, Sonia Emilia