Trip to the Pyramids in Mexico 2007

Experience - reports

Dear Sonia,

all things need time and experiences come from the depth of the unconsciousness to consciousness. My healing words from the medicine wheel are with me daily since our shared time in Mexico.

This place of Tatanka (the elemental force) has enabled my rebirth and opened the doors to my holy dream.

I thank you and the great spirit for your caring guidance, the strength and love of every single person during these days. Ate Wakantanka I sang it for the women in the medicine hut.

Words are not able to describe my gratitude for these gifts form the spiritual world.

Big hug,
Christine Demel, Vienna



So many presents, so much healing!!!

Where to start and how to find words for "SOMETHING" which in the end cannot be described with words.

Durfte I was allowed to experience so many beautyful things these two weeks. Outside in encounters, ceremonies, conversations and inside. I made the wonderful discovery that it isn't necessary to die to reestablish contact to the light and the love of the universe!!! How amazing ;-) )

Besides the ceremonies at the beach, meeting Maria and Donna, two local healers and so many other things, we were also given the present of a nightly ceremony with a Marakame, a traditional Huichole-Shaman.

Als When Sonia started speaking about the ceremony (in very general terms at the beginning) I already sensed what would be coming next (the offer and invitation to participate). I was pretty happy she couldn't see my face in that very moment because I was simply frightened and could maybe understand her enthusiasm but certainly not share it.

But during the following days we had lots of time to prepare for this special ceremony and thanks to the very subtle but yet noticable connection to the spiritual world my fear vanished. It only returned when I got caught in my mind. So I tried to avoid the thinking-part as good as possible and ended up full of excited anticipation and faith into whatever was up to come!?

At the day of the ceremony I felt like on child before Christmas Eve. I wanted to take a nap after lunch (to make it easier staying up all night) but I couldn't sleep due to excitement. "Then at least give yourself a rest", I heard my mother's voice speak to me. So I rested. And was ready and set to go an hour before departure =). Felt like the child waiting for the bell to ring at Christmas to let us enter the "magic" living room.

I experienced a simply wonderful night during the ceremony. I had a very strong feeling of presence and it was such a great feeling to be here on earth. On this place, in this world, in this my human body! Fell so much gratitude to have been able to experience all this, to have met so many amazing people.

I am so happy to continue on this personal path of mine, knowing I am so well led and accompanied. Last but not least by you, Sonia!
A heart full of thank yous to all of you!!!














Rainbow Shamanism - keepers of the time –
dawning of a new age–connection to everything that exists
Healing, peace, light and love

The seminar was not really in line with it's announcement. Instead we got the unexpected opportunity to participate in ceremonies and rituals with Sonia and the local healers which by far excelled our expectations which we had created due to the written shedule for these two weeks. We experienced two wonderful informative and relaxing weeks with the possibility to expand our consciousness and all of it in a paradise-like environment. Our thanks goes to every single person who enriched our life during these two weeks absolutely recommanded!

Franz & Sabine Sprengnagel


Mexico Yucatan Tulum

With Sonia Emilia RainbowWoman
With Maria, Donna, Aleyca, the Marakame Jose, 18 willing seminar participants and many more

The Caribbean Sea with its palmtrees, white sandy beach and only lazing around – "How horrible! How boring! Not my type of holiday..".
That was my opinion so far. But since I heard about this 2 week shaman trip to Mexico on my first weekend-seminar with Sonia I couldn't stop thinking about it. The seed was planted. So I cancelled the sheduled trip to Marokko and spontaneously decided to join Sonia and her group heading towards Yucatan. And the excitement grew. The winter in Vienna was bleak and dark and even if I wasn't sure what I was in for but the carribean sun would defenitely be awaiting us!!
And so it was! Sunshine and Sonia welcomed us at Cancun airport after long hours in the plane – which were in a way helpful in leaving all the garbage from home behind us. By the time we reached our cabañas the sun had already gone down but the soft sand beneath my feet, the endless wastness of stars above me and the rolling sound of the ocean all around were about as much as I could take up for the moment…. (seems like the Caribbean is not so dull after all ;-) …). With the first rays of sun appearing on the horizont I crept out of bed and found myself inmidst a wonderful transition where the mysteries of the night are giving way to the blaze of colours of the day. My heart started to laugh and I was one of 18 pale european faces greeting the sunshine of the new day with a broad grin on my face.
And not only the beautyful sun filled me with happyness, I was full of anticipation of the shaman work we were up to in the coming days. We started off with Maria, a local healer, who was so kind to celebrate an opening ceremony with us, asking the spiritual world of this special place to welcome our group and to provide good guidance during our processes here. The energy started to rise and I could feel a magical tingling that accompanied me for the rest of the time in Yucatan!
Yes! Even I felt it! Embedded in the belief of being a mind-oriented, logical and strucutral thinking and operating human being, formed through studying natural sciences for 7 years at the university I had lost the passage to and faith in the spiritual world somewhere along the way. Then what on earth was I doing in this shamanic seminar?? 
Since a while I had been fed up with where my success-oriented life style had led me to and the finalisation of my PHD filled me with disappointment instead of the expected sense of delight. Separation from my partner after a 5 year relationship was the famous last straw that I had needed to rethink my goals in life. To start changing myself instead of waiting for the world to change for me (very true words of Sonia that had a big impact on me). This is how the path led me to a Medicine Wheel and a nightly Healing Ceremony straight to Yucatan. Not surprisingly at all that "Change" was my Rainbowmedicine word this time.
The focus of our work wasn't oriented on transmitting loads of facts of knowledge much rather we concentrated on having circle talks, active participation in ceremonies, meditation and individual space for everybody. And this did great work! Very fast there was a wonderful feeling of confidence among all of us and it was amazing for me to notice how much I could learn from the stories and thoughts of all the other group members. The spare time inbetween was very helpful to digest all these new impressions. The group was very diverse yet the time spent together was full of harmony. Great tolerance among everybody and attentiveness could be observed.
Also the direct contact to nature was very valuable to me. All the elements regularly stopped by to play with us…! Additionally we could enjoy a limpia (egg-helaling) from Maria, energetic treatments with Donna, wonderful massages or have a traditional Maya-horoscope made for us.

Besides working with the RainbowMedicinewheel the focus was set on preparing for a surprise present from the spiritual world: a traditional all night ceremony with a Marakame (shaman) from the Huichole!! With great sensitiveness Sonia supported us with wonderful meditations, rituals, personal talks and all the other things we might not obviously notice ;-) – in order to help us open our hearts, let healing happen and journey into ourselves.
The ceremony provoked a very deep change within me. Days before I started to enter a deep transformational process and during the wakening in the night I could witeness the impeding inertness of doubt being lifted off my soul. My heart was allowed to open up without being wrapped into a coat of sadness. This deep feeling of confidence and freedom came along with overwhelming gratitude – just pouring out from me, shining through my eyes and visible to everybody around me.

Looking back I can now say, that obviously we were lucky to have so much sunshine, but that something else is always certain when travelling with Sonia: you will always be able to experience great processes of healing


Heidi Felicitas Vet












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