VisionDreamDance 2007
Schlattenhof, Burgenland

Experience - Reports

Thank you for being part of this holy circle.
Thank you for being allowed to remember.
Thank you for my cleansing and thank you for the healing I experienced.

I am filled with peace.
I do not want to fight anymore, not with myself nor with others.
I do not want to quarrel with my life anymore.
I want to accept my life the way it is.
I want to accept myself the way I am.
I want to be loyal to myself, do not want to hide or deny myself.

I trust … myself and all my brothers and sisters.
I start again to love … myslef and all my brothers and sisters.
And try my best to love and act unconditional.

All of a sudden there is so much joy and happyness.
I can say "YES" to life.
"YES" to myself.

Thank you for the present of living here on earth.
Thank you to all those accompanying me.
Thank you Sonia.

Aho mitakuye oyasin!!!!

Brigitta Zdenek | Wien

Pictures VDD 2007