Two Star Woman und Beaver Women

These women are sisters, two kind and bighearted native Indian medicine women from the Ojibway tribe. In a very natural and self-evident way they showed me how to live life as a woman of this earth. Embedded in the continuous circle of nature with an personal identity and female power, without creating a bogyeman or being domineered.

Don Eduardo Calderon Palomino
He is the scientifically most studied shaman. He lives near Trujillo, Peru. “Everything related to shamanism can be recognized simply by investigating the natural forces, which are no secret to anybody. In fact they are very easily understood by those really willing to learn. It is necessary to teach the true searchers everything, that they can discover what is really important. One should not keep any secrets – secrets, which are no secrets. Rather everything should be brought to light.”

He is a native shaman from the Guajiro tribe in the Columbian-Venezuelian boarder region. His father and all his ancestors were curanderos (healers). Juan himself lived and worked with different tribes. “It is not shamanism to teach different cultures about my own or other native traditions and make them learn it by heart. The essence of shamanism is to connect to the elements and divine spirits here on earth. You will meet these spirits and elements there where you live. At this time it is important to get in touch with the powers of nature, to integrate the energies from all animals, plants, minerals and sacred places into your own healing.”

Don Agustin Rivas
On this picture with my son Joel. He reached the highest level of the Peruvian shaman tradition and now lives in a small village near Iquitos. He devotes most of his time to teaching others from his very rich experience of life. At the same time Don Agustin is an artist and operates a healing centre which he built up in midst of the jungle.

He is a shaman from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Amazon delta of Peru. He holds the title of a Muroja-Mastershaman within the Peruvian healing and shamanic tradition. In his function as a shaman he supported several medicinal projects in South America and is the author of books on plant remedies from the Amazon and their efficacy and value in traditional medicine.

Juan Perez Epiayu

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