Shamanism and natural sciences

Lymphozyten bekämpfen Krebszellen
Mittels schamanischer Arbeit lässt sich die
Anzahl dieser körpereigenen Abwehrzellen des
Immunssystems nachweislich erheblich erhöhen


It has been several years now that shamanism arouses interest in the scientific community.

Of course it is impossible to scientifically explain every aspect of effectiveness and mode of action of the shamanic work. But more and more branches of science are finding reasonable explanations on the grounds of neurology, immunology and quantum physics. The following reports should help you understand that shamanism has a realistic scientific background and does not exist upon obscure superstition.

Our psyche
Shamans know about the number of psychological correlations and processes that are being activated during their work. These are always embedded in the mental behavior and feelings of the people. The shaman’s work awakens emotional self healing forces in the client. This does not mean that shamanic healing entirely relies on psychological processes but they are part of the overall work of a shaman.

Our body
The second component of effectiveness of shamanic work is situated in the body. It is proven that the electric skin resistance, frequency of pulse and breathe, inner cellular pressure and sometimes even body temperature may change significantly during shamanic journeys, meditations and trance. It is further proven that working with the shamanic drum accelerates the body’s metabolism.

Shamanic work positively influences the immune system as well as our autonomic nervous system.

Spirit and matter
If we build a house this requires mental as well as physical processes. We draw a plan and then use our physical strength to realize it. Thinking and planning is guided by brain waves. These brain waves further advise muscles and nerves to fulfill their job. Thoughts are movement of electrons in our brain. But how is this movement initiated? How is it structured and guided to produce proper concepts and body functions?

In the beginning you wanted to build a house … And it was your will to build a house that drove your mind and body to design and build the house.

Several years ago these thoughts led to the foundation of a new scientific branch – psychoneuroimmunology.

By chance neuroanatomists and immunologists discovered that highly complex protein molecules existed in the nervous- and immune system of the human body whose functions were unknown so far. They then discovered that these molecules are produced in certain regions of the brain and the peripheral nervous system. Once released they operate as messenger molecules and influence the dialogue in between certain body cells and as a consequence our reactions on certain subjective sensations. Besides this the immunologists could prove that cells of the immune system often create similar or even the same messenger molecules as the cells of the nervous system.

Influencing the body via spirit and soul
Advanced research could clearly prove in which way emotional status and subjective thinking can influence processes in your body. Fear for example leads to the release of messenger molecules which weaken the body’s immune system. Another discovery was the fact that holding back emotions without allowing appropriate expression in the outside has negative consequences on the progression of organic disease. Especially such emotions as anger, fury, sadness, fear, hopelessness and desperation are harmful for our body. Positive emotions on the other side release messenger molecules which strengthen the body’s immune system.

Where emotions come from
These important messenger molecules (Interleukin 6 and 1) are produced in a region of the brain called the limbic system. Due to its function this region is also referred to as “home to emotions”. This was the first time a scientific approach could confirm that emotions have an impact on matter and physical processes. With shamanic methods it is possible to influence emotions and other mental activities. These mechanisms then affect the physical well being of the client. Emotions such as fear and stress promote disease. Others help us get healthy. (Further information on this topic can soon be found on this website at “The shamanic view of the soul”.)

Invisible antennas
Every brain permanently produces electromagnetic waves. These create electromagnetic fields outside our head that can be measured with the method of encephalography. This is how the brain radiates information freely into its surrounding environment. They spread with the speed of light. For example this is how the phenomenon of telepathy can be explained.

Morphogenetic fields
Rupert Sheldrake, geneticist and quantum physicist, noticed that a lot of people discover the same thing at exactly the same time. Also in nature several cases of independent but temporally parallel developments are known.

Sheldrake explains these phenomena with the existence of morphogenetic (shaping) fields. Matter arranges itself by finding resonance with these fields. They are not rigid, much rather in a constant interaction with the creations which retroactively again influence these fields. Sheldrake assumes that these morphogenetic fields meet each other following the principles of resonance. If we create negative forming fields with our negative thoughts we connect with exactly such matter (self fulfilling prophecy, etc.). The shaman uses different techniques to positively influence these morphogenetic fields to the benefit of his client, mankind, nature and the universe.

Finally the scientific chain of justification is as follows:
An organism responds to emotions and thoughts. These mental aspects don’t necessarily have their roots in a person itself. They could also be reactions to informative fields (magnetic field of the earth, telepathic effects or morphogenetic fields) or quantum processes coming from outside. Everything in the universe is connected to everything else at all time. The existence of global, universal informative fields is now proven, even though their physical description is not investigated, yet. These fields adapt with every action taken place on any spot in the entire universe. If they strongly interfere with the soul and as a consequence the body of an individual, this individual can in return influence and alter these global fields by his or her sensations, emotions and reactions to the whole situation. This then provides new information in those fields.

Source: Felix R. Paturi, Heilbuch der Schamanen

© Sonia Emilia Roppele, Austria