Personal consultations
Practice for holistic and shamanic naturopathic therapy

Personal consultations are recommended for all persons seeking additional support on a physical, mental or emotional level. Conversations, shamanic work and ceremonies help to activate the self healing process. Together we will work on possible solutions to find ways leading out of the crisis. The client will be introduced to his or her own spiritual abilities and will learn to have faith in them.

I offer:

  • Individual process oriented consultations and attendance

  • Shamanic soul work
  • Finding the power animal
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Energetic work
  • Purifying, closing and balancing holes in the energy body
  • Aura-Reinigungen und Stärken des Energiekörpers
  • Extractions
  • Undoing entanglements and unhealthy energetic bounds
  • Purifying of property, houses and apartments
  • Ceremonies for special occasions such as wedding or baptism

Remuneration: € 150,- per hour for personal consultation
Prices for ceremonies on request!
Additional kilometer allowance of € 0,42 if journey is necessary.

Personal consultations take place in Lindau at Lake Constance, in Villach (province of Carinthia) and near Vienna. Please ask about exact location and date via e-mail.

Certified by the Austrian association of holistic naturopathic medicine

Telefonische Beratung und Hilfestellung

0900 900 860
€ 2,17 / Minute

Terminvereinbarung vorab per Email
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