What is Shamanism ?

Shamanism is the oldest healing system known to mankind. It is the experience and heritage of many generations of being aware of the healing forces of nature, the elements (earth, water, air and fire), the powers of plants, animals and rocks and being able to learn to direct them. Finally these abilities are used in the purpose of well-being for all people.

Shamanism evolved from the experience that disease is always the result of an imbalance between man, nature and cosmos. The shaman helps by reestablishing this balance.

The word “shamanism” comes from the Siberian. Its translation means: working with heat and fire. By symbolic meaning it describes somebody being able to transform and work with energy. Fire is not merely a force, it also holds a lot of energy. The Siberian shamans believe that fire holds the greatest power of transformation. And since shamans, too were known to have the capability of bringing about transformation this name was born.

In the shaman’s view of the world everything is alive and has a soul. The human existence is only one of countless variations. Every form has within itself the power of the creator, the odem, the true inner spirit of life. Therefore everything existing on our planet is treated with respect - no matter if plant, animal, stone, etc. Because the inner spirit of life, the essence, is the same everywhere, everybody is connected with everything.

To a shaman the space between things and around a person, as well as the empty space in an item is not nothing, not a big emptiness. Space is something and just like material things it has certain properties and characteristics. We now know that physical matter is not solid but made of electrons circling around an atom nucleus.

And this space inside and in between can be explored. This makes it possible for shamans to observe and experience what other people are not able to notice. It is an expansion of ones consciousness to the immaterial worlds and dimensions.

A shaman is also a person able to wander between the worlds. There are worlds that are in coexistence with our material world but remain hidden for many people. Just like the material world we know has many different worlds (humans, animals, plants, minerals) there are more worlds that exist on different levels and energy frequencies. Shamans can extend their consciousness with the help of various techniques and travel into these other worlds. This enables them to get diagnoses without the aid of technical equipment, to perform healings and to gain inspiration and knowledge.

In the shamanic concept everything has its place. The physical and the non physical worlds. The laws we have on earth as well as the cosmic laws.

In 1980 the World Health Organization (WHO) awarded shamanism the same value as Western medicine for treating psychosomatic diseases.

Due to the effective healing successes more and more people working in health professions become interested in shamanism and integrate their own experiences into their daily work.

© Sonia Emilia Roppele, Austria


Foto: Jan Kounen

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You may think – I am simply a rock.
Lying on the ground in silence and dullness.
But that’s not what I am.
I am a part of life.
I live for those that are awake.
I am here to help.