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I was born 1963 in Vorarlberg. I am mother of three wonderful children and proud grandmother of 2 grandchildren. Since 30 years I’ve devoted my life, my love, my steps and my focus to the shamanic path of knowledge. Many shamans from various traditions and countries have crossed my way and I was able to learn from their rich knowledge. Especially Juan Perez from the Guajira tribe in Columbia, Don Eduardo Calderon from Peru, Questembetsa and Ricardo Amaringo from the Shipibos tribe in the Amazon delta, Don Augustin Rivas, the medicine women TwoStarWoman, BeaverWoman and SingingBird and my spiritual teacher CrowWolf had big impact on my call to becoming a shamanic healer. But on the long run it was life itself that taught me with all its stories, the countless shamanic disciplines and ceremonies and behind and infront of everything – the spiritual world.

I give my best to pass my shamanic teachings on to others in a most kind way from the depth of my heart. Truthfullness, heartiness, love and devotion to life itself, nature and the spirits are worthwhile values and goals.
My sincere thanks to all those around me that support me with their love and friendship!

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RainbowWoman | Sonia Emilia

It’s the path of the heart that guides me.
It’s the joy of an enlighted moment that moves me.
It’s the golden radiance that appears.
It’s pure love that heals.
[Katharina Rieder]